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International Immigration Programs

How valuable it is to have a second citizenship?

The recent pandemic has strongly demonstrated that it is essential to have dual citizenship in order to have freedom of mobility, diversity of assets, safety as well as to secure a better future for your children.

Therefore, obtaining a second passport as soon as possible will allow you to travel, conduct business more easily, have better work opportunities, own real estate, and diversify your assets and investments.

Dual Citizenship means to receive the benefits and privileges offered by the country of citizen. For example, Canada's passport power rank is at 8 with 99 countries to travel visa-free. When an individual becomes a Canadian Citizens, the following benefits and privileges will be acquired. 

  • Freedom of mobility on a Canadian Passport;

  • Eligible to apply for more jobs in Canada;

  • Allow to vote;

  • Never worry about losing his status as a Canadian Citizen;

  • No renewal of immigration documents. ​

However, even with a Canadian's passport, you can still enhance your freedom by having a second passport. Each country has their own regulations when it comes to dual citizenship. Canada allows foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian citizenship.

One of the most popular program at the moment is the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, which grants citizenship and passport within 6 months only, offers the Caribbean CIP's best passport , most flexible definition of dependents, and is the most affordable "government donation" CIP in the market.


Foreign individuals are obtaining this citizenship to secure freedom of movement, facilitate asset relocation, implement tax strategies and ensure their children benefit from the liberties a second citizenship will offer them throughout their lives.


Antigua also happens to offer the safest real estate investment market in the Caribbean CIPs because it is a larger economy and more populous country. 

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